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  • WALL World Map

    $361 (USD)

    This World Wall Map, Our Home Planet was curated to help kids learn about and admire our interconnected world.

    SIZE  –   5 feet x 10 feet and
    56x Animal removable stickers to place around the globe.  Don’t forget to choose your language preference!

  • BE THE “I” IN KIND Kindness Mural

    $245$545 (USD)

    A fun way to encourage kind and respectful behaviors at school or anywhere inside or outside.  It can also be used as an anti-bullying program at a school!

    Size: 4.5 FT X 8 FT

  • BEAR WALL – Black

    $324 (USD)

    It’s big!
    It’s tall!
    It’s a life-size bear on a wall!

    SIZE  –  60″ X 108″

  • Hopscotch Ideas for Kids

    $220$472 (USD)

    We have Hopscotch designs that can be installed indoors, outdoors, on floors to asphalt and cement.  If you need an outdoor hopscotch that is smaller (home driveway size) , contact us as we can create a more affordable version.  The outdoor ones will last 2+ years on average.    

    Hopscotch  SIZE  –  60″ X 150″

  • Space Spider Word Twister

    $131$406 (USD)

    Expect a whole lot of laughing as your students stretch and twist to the included games for all elementary grade levels.
    Grade Levels: JK-8


    GIANT – 92 inches x 160 inches, 233 cm x 406 cm
    SCHOOL – 60 inches x 105 inches, 152 cm x 266 cm
    HOME – 36 inches x 62 inches, 91 cm x 157 cm

  • Sale!

    Medieval Magnetic Wall Chess

    $401 $327 (USD)

    A new dimension for a classic and challenging game!

    Introducing Medieval Magnetic Wall Chess.
    Install this iconic chess set in a school, library, or home. It can go on a wall, window, table or even the ceiling if that’s your thing!

    Size: 4.5 FT wide by 3.25 FT height

  • Multiplication Math STAIRS

    $160$734 (USD)

    Help your kids visualize their multiplication tables one step at a time!

    Riser Size:

    5 INCHES

  • Floor Protractor Door Mat

    $160$324 (USD)

    Watch your kids enjoy learning about angles!

     SIZE:  72 inches x 36 inches

  • Inukshuk Portable Hopscotch

    $283 (USD)

    This portable inukshuk hopscotch can be rolled out and played on right away inside or out!

    Portable Path  SIZE  –  60″ X 150″

  • Jurassic Jump Portable Sensory Path

    $294 (USD)

    We know that healthy, active students, make better learners! So let’s apply this and just add dinosaurs!  This portable sensory path can be rolled out and played on right away.

    Portable Path  SIZE  –  60″ X 150″