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What kid wouldn’t like jumping on logs and lily pads?   Create your own pathway or with our suggested layout with these colorful, durable, certified slip-resistant decals!  NEW Our paths can be installed on waxed floors, non-waxed, carpet, and outdoors!  See ALL of our Sensory Paths

SHEET SIZE: 52 inches x 122 inches



Sensory Floor Decal Set – INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE

Kids love to move and take a break from sitting at a desk.  We have shipped over 10,000 sensory paths with Nature Hop being the most popular.   

Social distancing Decals for schools

Schools, hospitals and clinics are using our paths as social distancing decals for keeping kids 2 meters apart.  

Try our Nature Hop set and quickly create an engaging way for kids to get moving.   Just peel and stick it in your school hallways, library, gym, outside on pavement, classroom or anywhere there are kids who need a movement break!   

This set comes with:

  • 25 Directional Arrows
  • 26 Alphabet Stumps
  • 10 Numbered lily pads
  • 7 Activity Logs
  • 3 Hop Over Ponds
  • 4 Boulders with ladybugs
  • 2 branches
  • 1 Start Plank
  • 1 Finish Plank
  • 16 Pebbles *New Addition


Floor decals
  1. Thoroughly clean the floor area chosen for the floor decals
  2. Place the decals on the floor and create the entire layout
  3. Starting at one end off the decal ensuring air bubbles are not trapped,  peel the backing of the decals and slowly press onto the floor.
  4. Use a soft cloth or any non-marring/scratching material to smooth out any wrinkles.
  5. Only floor wax is recommended for use on our sensory pathways for permanent installations. Floor “seal, finish, or coating” may contain chemicals that might damage your path. If one must be used, we can send you a sample for testing purposes.
  6. Our carpet version portable paths can also be installed on indoor smooth, hard floor surfaces that cannot be waxed or sealed. It provides a tougher and longer-lasting option than our standard adhesive decals.
    See the most durable, waterproof, carpet decal below:  5 Feet x 24 Feet

carpet sensory path



Want to install your sensory path outdoors?  It will last through snow, salt, sun, and rain!


Longevity depends on many factors:
Foot traffic
Cold Climate with snowy winters (salt)
Our standard affordable paths in the worst environments with no protection may last 3-6 months

Ways to protect our standard affordable Decals:
4 – 6 coats of wax (this will have the greatest impact on lifespan and your decals will last years)

Longer lasting (no waxing needed) Carpet Decals:
Schools looking for a longer-lasting product that doesn’t require wax and works perfect on the carpet or non-wax floors should consider this option.
The tough carpet decal with its coarse surface provides excellent traction and is more durable. Cleaning machines (not scrubbers) and vacuums can easily run over them. It will last longer in the same environment as our standard decals.
Do you have floors with grout or want to have your sensory path outdoors, contact us and we will give you the best option.





school hallway decal ideas



















If you received sponsorship for your sensory path from a local business, we include a free 26″ floor decal to thank them for your school hallway.
See the sample below.
sponsorship decal

Additional Information

Made in Canada and the United States. (depending on your location)

Durable, scratch resistant, Waterproof, Tear-resistant, Washable, Peelable Non-Slip Vinyl for Long-Term Indoor Use

Place on wax paper.