River Adventure Mat – Kindergarten-Grade 2 fun math activities

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Get ready for an adventure! Put on your boots, your sun hat, and your sunglasses. Let’s go exploring! Be careful! Don’t get wet!


GIANT – 92 inches x 248 inches, 233 cm x 630 cm
SCHOOL – 60 inches x 162 inches, 152 cm x 411 cm
HOME – 36 inches x 96 inches, 91 cm x 243 cm

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Young students love scooping and organizing objects in buckets, finding frogs and fishing in this colourful river. Many engaging and physical activities can be organized to enhance learning math concepts as well as coordination and balance.
The Adventure River is a durable and healthier alternative to a carpet. See easy care instructions below. Engage up to 24 primary kids on the giant sized Adventure mat.

The River Adventure Mat is highly engaging for fun math activities for kindergarten to grade 2.
Many fun activities are linked to the curriculum. The activities include some of the following:
· number recognition
· following directions
· creating and extending patterns
· composing and decomposing numbers
· collecting and organizing objects
· using the language of probability

Kindergarten Kinesthetic Math Games Ideas Activity Mat

River Adventure Mat – SHAPES – NUMBERS – COLORS









Manipulatives included are numbered fish and chests made from waterproof commercial vinyl.  They require cutting out and gluing on foam.

river fish








Additional Information

Made in Canada and the United States. (depending on your location)

Durable, lightweight, waterproof, tear-resistant, washable, indoor/outdoor use (no sharp objects or rocks underneath).  The base material is non-toxic and does not contain chlorine or halogens.

Care Instructions:
Clean your mat as needed and remove any dirt with water and a mild detergent.  If food or drink is spilled, wipe up right away with a damp cloth or mop.

Roll up and store!


The manipulatives we use for the Adventure River are from Brault & Bouthillier.  They ship across Canada.

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