Pebble Patio – Play based Learning Activities

$78$217 (USD)

The very realistic Pebble Patio is perfect for play-based learning for PreK to Kindergarten.  There is so much to explore and learn on the Pebble Patio that students will not want to leave!


GIANT – 2.4 m x 2.4 m, 8′ x 8′
SCHOOL> – 1.8 m x 1.8 m, 6′  x 6′
HOME – 1.2 m 1.2 m, 4′ x 4′



Shake it, Move it!, I Spy, and Number Hunt help develop students’ understanding of number concepts, shapes, and vocabulary while actively engaged in their learning.  Activities can be adapted to review skills that need reinforcement in any subject area.




Additional Information

Made in Canada,  United States and  the U.K. (depending on your location)

Durable, lightweight, waterproof, tear-resistant, washable, indoor/outdoor use (no sharp objects or rocks underneath).  The base material is non-toxic and does not contain chlorine or halogens.

Care Instructions:
Clean your mat as needed and remove any dirt with water and a mild detergent.  If food or drink is spilled, wipe up with a damp cloth or mop.

Roll up and store!