Parent Lending Library Math Game Mats Bundle

$958 (USD)

Are you are looking for the ultimate family math night experience for your school?  See our Family Math Night Activities Resource Kit HERE.   Once parents find out your school has the Jump2Math mats available for them to take home and continue the awesome fun their kids had at school, expect to have a huge waiting list at your parent lending library.  Want to make your mats extra special? (inclusive)  Let us know what other languages to add to your mats.  Korean, French, Spanish …

Space Spider Math Twister

The whole family will have hours of fun twisting, stretching and reaching for math answers in this version of the popular game of twister.

Math N' Bowl - Bowl for fractions - probability math -additions subtraction games mat

Bowling for Dollars takes on a new meaning and brings back memories of the popular 70`s game show.
This one is for the whole family and it`s all about math and fun.


Hop Around the Clock - Telling Time Games

It`s about time someone made learning time fun. Time is a challenging concept to teach! You will find our larger than life clock makes it not only fun but much easier for kids to learn the time. Kids get to walk on the clock, jump on the clock, and use their whole bodies to tell time. Numerous math skills can be taught while using this giant clock manipulative. Skip Counting by 5’s, Number Recognition, Elapsed Time, Fractions, Angles, Basic Geometry, and more.

Hundreds Grid kinesthetic Activities mat

What can you do with a hundred numbers? ..... hundreds of fun activities, that's what. This Hundreds Grid mat is the perfect math tool to help kids use math strategies as they count to 100 by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s. They enjoy naming missing numbers and adding one more, one less, ten more, or ten less.

Grade levels: JK-8

Addition and Subtraction
Number and Pattern Activities
Hundred Chart Games
Multiplication and Factors
Fractions and Decimals and more!

Fishy Number Line 1-10 number recognition

This fish tank is full of some of the coolest fish on this planet. No mess and no feeding them as this colorful mat includes the numbers one through ten in numerals, letters and grouped fish for building fundamental number literacy skills.

Cosmic Climb Differentiated Math Game

Who needs to travel at the speed of light when you can hop around our entire solar system in one afternoon of cosmic math fun. Cosmic Climb was created to make kids use their critical thinking skills and have FUN at the same time. This home version of our huge giant hit game " Cosmic Climb " allows kids to use their whole bodies to jump, hop, sit and climb up the board to capture their number or knock off their opponents number. There are many games included in this ever popular mat. From Kindergarten to Grade 8 everyone learns math and astronomy too !


Slide SUM-IT - mental math strategies

What happens when you take the favourite Canadian past time of curling add a little shuffleboard and a twist of math? Everyone has so much fun playing with this slider game that they didn’t realize they were practicing math until it was too late!”
Just roll it out and play inside or outdoors and watch kids (and adults) play for endless hours. Any shiny flat objects can be used to slide up the mat to land on numbers. You can also use plastic hockey pucks, candy, coins, marbles, pebbles or bean bags.



Your school will be the talk of the community as every family will want their turn at hosting amazing math parties for their kids and their friends. Imagine parents being able to take home a giant math mat to practice math concepts in an engaging, fun and memorable way. —just like books from a library – just way bigger!

We can’t think of a better way to utilize your PRO Grant Funds besides having a live Jump2Math Parent Engagement Evening at your school.
Parents Reaching Out Grant for Ontario Schools
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What’s included:

  • Game and activity instructions for 7 Math Stations
  • Grades the games cover from JK – Grade 8
  • Curriculum connections