Slide SUM-IT – mental math strategies

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It’s Shuffleboard…it’s Curling… it’s Bocce Ball… No it’s Slide SUM-IT!  Mental math strategies.


GIANT – 72 inches x 204 inches, 182 cm x 518 cm
SCHOOL – 60 inches x 170 inches, 152 cm x 431 cm
HOME – 36 inches x 102 inches, 91 cm x 258 cm

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Mental math strategies: Take turns sliding pucks down the game board and earn points by landing on coloured circles. Opponent’s’ pucks may be knocked off the board! Keep sliding to reach your goal!
Kids love physical activity math games!

This versatile mat can be used in numerous ways to allow for hours of educational learning throughout the whole school year. Students will love playing Slide SUM-IT – mental math strategies while learning at the same time. This game can be used for any concept/skill that needs practice or reinforcement.

Just roll it out and play inside or outdoors and watch kids (and adults) play for endless hours. This mat is waterproof durable and we use it with thousands of kids regularly to teach cooperative play, logic and math addition! Game instructions included. Any shiny flat objects can be used to slide up the mat to land on numbers. You can also use candy, coins, pebbles or bean bags.

Slide SUM-IT – mental math strategies is highly engaging for students of all ages. Engaging activities are linked to the curriculum. The activities include some of the following:

  •         Adding and subtracting numbers
  •         Rounding numbers
  •         Mental math strategies
  •         Strategic planning
  •         Fine motor development

Create question cards to reinforce any concept for your grade or student’s needs.  Great for school fun fairs, indoor recess, birthday parties, camps…


Interactive Physical math games


Reach 1000

Materials needed:

6-8 pucks or bean bags
Whiteboard/Chalkboard and markers/chalk

To be the first team to reach 1000

Divide the students into two teams.  Teams take turns sliding their pucks across the mat to land on numbers. Pucks can knock their opposing teams out. Once each team has completed their turn, scores can be added. Continue adding totals until 1000 is reached.


  • Each team rounds their sum to the nearest 100
  • Each team begins with 1000 and subtracts each time they land on a number. First team to reach 0 wins.
  • Place 2-3 objects on the mat (marker, large die, toy figure). If the puck hits the object, their score is doubled.




Materials needed:

Spinner divided into 6ths (2/6 say add it, 2/6 say subtract it, 1/6 says WIPEOUT, 1/6 says double your answer)
4 pucks/bean bags
Whiteboard and marker

to be the first student to reach 500. If a student spins
WIPEOUT,  they must go back to 0.

The first student slides the puck and lands on a number. Next, they spin the spinner and follow the directions to add, subtract, or double their number. If they spin WIPEOUT their score goes back to 0.Continue until each student has one turn.  Repeat.


3 in a Row

Materials needed:
15-20 game markers in two colours
Index cards with questions appropriate to grade level and strand. Answers should be available.

To be the first team to have three markers in a row on the game board

Divide teams into two teams. Place questions face down. The first team turns over a question and if they correctly answer it, they place a marker on any game space.  Teams take turns answering questions and placing makers until they have three in a row.

Alternative: Decide what will determine to win. For example, landing on three red squares or three different coloured squares but not red etc. Teams answer questions correctly to slide pucks on the game board.


Even or Odd?

Materials needed:

10-12 bean bags/pucks in two different colours
20-30 Index cards with even and odd numbers. Answers should be available for verifying correct answers.

Goal: to be the team with the most pucks/bean bags on the circles on the game board.

Procedure: Divide the students into two teams. Team 1 turns over an index card and decides if it is even or odd. If they answer correctly they can slide a puck into the circles on the game board. Teams take turns until all of the cards are answered correctly. Teams count their pucks.


Additional Information

Made in Canada and the United States. (depending on your location)

Durable, light-weight, waterproof, tear-resistant, washable, indoor/outdoor material (no sharp objects or rocks underneath). Non-toxic. Does not contain chlorine or halogens.

Care Instructions:
Clean your mat as needed and remove any dirt with water and a mild detergent.  If food or drink is spilled, wipe up right away with a damp cloth or mop.

Roll up and store dry.


Slide-SUM-IT-mat from Jump2Math on Vimeo.