Kinesthetic Learning Mat – 100 Grid

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Is this a game board? A skip counting mat? A transformational geometry mat?—the decision is yours!


GIANT – 92 inches x 92 inches, 233 cm x 233 cm
SCHOOL – 60 inches x 60 inches, 152 cm x 152 cm
HOME – 36 inches x 36 inches, 91 cm x 91 cm

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Kinesthetic Learning Mat – 100 Grid

This 10 X 10 grid can be used in a wide variety of ways to enhance learning in all curriculum areas. Non-permanent markers + student learning needs + a little creativity = hours of learning and engagement.

Graphing Patterns





Additional Information

Made in Canada and the United States. (depending on your location)

Durable, lightweight, waterproof, tear-resistant, washable, indoor/outdoor use (no sharp objects or rocks underneath).  The base material is non-toxic and does not contain chlorine or halogens.

Care Instructions:
Clean your mat as needed and remove any dirt with water and a mild detergent.  If food or drink is spilled, wipe up right away with a damp cloth or mop.

Roll up and store!