Jurassic Jump Portable Sensory Path

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We know that healthy, active students, make better learners! So let’s apply this and just add dinosaurs!  This portable sensory path can be rolled out and played on right away.
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Portable Path  SIZE  –  60″ X 150″

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Jurassic Jump Portable Path

This Jurassic Jump Portable Sensory Path will offer your kids endless ways to improve their spatial awareness to math concepts.  If you plan to make it permanent in an activity room, tape the perimeter with 2120 3M duct tape or plain old hockey tape at Costco.   Our portable path provides the ultimate flexibility.

We include 9 interactive games with this mat.  Here are a few:

The Path of Planks 

Objective: The objective of this trial and error task is to have each team member move from the starting plank to the final ending plank on the end of the Jurassic Mat according to a predetermined map.

Items needed:

  • Predetermined maps that show the planks that the students can step on (forward, sideways, and diagonally).


The first team member will begin at the start and step on one plank at a time while team members watch carefully so that they can remember the correct path. 

Each time the student moves to a correct plank they proceed and choose another plank. If the plank is incorrect, the leader will send the student to the end of the team line. The next team member begins at the start,  remembering their teammate’s path, and steps on new planks. They continue until they choose an incorrect plank and the next student begins.

Remembering and following is a key part of solving the Path of Planks.  In fact, kids will finish the game quicker each time and consequently improve their memory without even realizing it!  Extension: In addition, you could require students to balance an egg for an extra challenge.


Largest Number 

Materials needed:

  • Write a number to the left of each plank using masking tape or laminated stock.  Randomly place the numbers from 0 to 9 on the planks until all spaces are used.
  • Two whiteboards to record numbers
  • Two whiteboard markers and erasers
  • One die


The object of the game is to earn a point by creating the largest three digit number. The team with the most points wins.

Form two teams. 

The first person in team A – the Mastodons, roll the die and moves forward the number of spaces rolled. They collect their first number and decide on its place value (ones, tens, hundreds). Repeat for the first person in team B –  the Mammoths. Continue until both players have had three rolls. The team with the largest number earns a point. 

Repeat until all players have had a turn.

Optional: play the smallest number.

Optional: Let each team decide on the largest number after the three digits have been collected.

Extension: Once the number has been created, each player turns over a game card that says:

  • Add 100
  • Add 500
  • Subtract 10 etc.

Another point can be added to the team with the largest number.


Earth Quake

Materials needed:

  • Cards with directions (NE, NW, SE, SW, N, S, E, W,  Free Space, Earthquake)
  • Compass rose for reference
  • Foam eggs


Divide students into two teams. The object of the game is to follow the directions on the cards to reach the end of the path. One egg is earned for each team member that reaches the end. The team with the most eggs wins. 

Teams take turns alternating players.

One card is turned over to indicate the direction that Team A’s player can move. If the card says ‘NW’ the student moves one plank in the ‘NW’ direction. If the student is unable to move as indicated on the card, they miss their turn.  Repeat for Team B’s player.If ‘Earthquake’ is turned over, that student returns to the end of their team’s line and another team member starts.

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Durable, Washable Vinyl for Long-Term Indoor Use.