JUMP2LEARN Facilitator Bundle

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PLAY to learn.
ALL kids love to play. Our giant game mats will show you how to turn this natural behaviour into a powerful teaching tool. 

Jump2Learn is a recent addition to our Jump2Math business family. Since 2015, Jump2Math has pioneered kinesthetic and sensory learning first focusing on Math and eventually expanding to encompass literacy and STEM.
All our game mats and games have been created in-house with input from educational experts, special education teachers, psychologists, therapists, and math leads from around the world.

We started out by traveling to schools with our program in Ontario, Canada. Quickly, we grew to encompass multiple crews that would provide our unique program in multiple languages to more than 500 schools while engaging more than 250,000 students.

Our founder’s focus has always been about the kids. Their two boys could not learn effectively without games that included physical intervention.
They have been sharing their engaging and fun program with schools, institutions, summer camps, YMCA, fitness gyms, and daycare centers worldwide.

With more than 5,000 complete programs sold and countless individual game mats finding their way to parents, educators, hospitals, and youth organizations, we are very excited to offer our unique program to all interested and qualified educators.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for passionate educators to empower kids to learn and even love math all the while earning an amazing income. No selling is involved.
Our motto is ” it’s all fun and games and then they learn math”

This is the most engaging and effective way to learn math period. What is the catch?
There is none, as we will share all our tried and true methods of running your traveling math program.
This is an exciting opportunity to own your own business and travel to schools, youth organizations, fitness clubs, home-school PODS, summer camps, and more.

Work location:  You choose.   USA, Canada, UK, Australia

If you feel this opportunity may be for you, email jean@jump2math.ca with “JUMP2LEARN Facilitator” in the subject line requesting a conversation with one of our founders.

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