Integers Sensory Floor Sticker

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Transform your school hallway into an engaging colourful active learning environment.  Imagine your student’s jumping, hopping and leaping down the hall chanting the numbers from minus 10 to positive ten.   Interactive kinesthetic games and activities included for Grade 1 to grade 6.

Physical literacy + Math = Engaged Integrated Learning.


GIANT – .81 m x 6 m, 2’6″ x 20′

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Integers Sensory Floor Sticker

Promotes fine motor skill development, brain breaks, and math skills.  Numerous interactive games and activities included for Grade 1 to Grade 6.  This sticker comes in two parts.  Can be placed in your school hallway, Activity room, classroom or anywhere with a smooth surface.  Languages: English, Spanish, French.











Additional Information

Made in Canada and the United States. (depending on your location)

These removable floor graphics are ideal for interior applications on most dry, clean and untextured floors.  School hallways are perfect!   Suitable for short-term interior applications, the base vinyl will adhere well to most surfaces and can be easily removed from them as well. Tile, laminate or other smooth floor types must be thoroughly cleaned prior to application. Make sure that painted floors have excellent paint adhesion before application as well. These graphic indoor types of vinyl are not recommended for concrete, asphalt, carpet or any exterior application.

Care Instructions:
Classified under UL 410 for floor graphics applications, the graphics can withstand most common floor cleaning chemicals and methods.