Integers Activities Games Mat

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Which temperature is closer to the freezing point of water? –10°C or +5°C?
What number would you prefer in your bank account? +$10.00 or -$50.00?


GIANT – 42 inches x 312 inches, 106 cm x 792 cm
SCHOOL – 30 inches x 224 inches, 76 cm x 569 cm
HOME – 20 inches x 149 inches, 50 cm x 378 cm

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Integers Activities and Games Mat:

Positive and negative numbers play an important role in our lives every day!
Our colourful integer mat includes the numbers negative ten through positive ten in numerals, letters, and grouped symbols.  These are effective for building fundamental number literacy skills.

Reinforce your students understanding of integers in a positive way!

How Integers Activities are used in different careers
By: Ashley Su


A swimmer has to compare their times to their previous times fpr that event. What you have to do is subtract the time you have now (ex. 30.02 seconds) from the time you had before (ex. 34.13) (then, it would be 34.13sec.-30.02sec.=4.09sec.) If the answer is negative, you gained time. If the answer is positive, you eliminate time.  In addition, we also have a temperature mat to demonstrate seasons and integers.


A golfer needs to know their score. So they need to calculate their score using integers. Say that par was 4. If you made it in only 2 shots, you subtract 4 from 2. You get -2. That is your score for that course. If you go another round, lets say your score was 3. Add -2 to 3 to get 1. That is your score for now.


When you check people’s accounts for them, they might be in debt (negative) or they might have a positive balance. This is one way. Another way is when a person makes a loan (negative) or makes a deposit (positive) you must quickly add or subtract, and if a loan, you must know how much this person owes the bank in how much time.


Family Doctor

When they take your blood pressure they have to deal with negative (too low) numbers for blood pressure or positive (too high) numbers. They need to know if your weight is above the normal or below, or if your heart beats less than the normal bpm or higher.

Stock Broker

They track stocks and they see weather the stocks are positive or negative. They check the relation between the prices so they know when to sell, when to buy, what to sell, and what to buy. Also, Your stocks might loose some of their worth, and some might might gain some.



Additional Information

Made in Canada and the United States. (depending on your location)

Durable, lightweight, waterproof, tear-resistant, washable, indoor/outdoor use (no sharp objects or rocks underneath).  The base material is non-toxic and does not contain chlorine or halogens.

Care Instructions:
Clean your mat as needed and remove any dirt with water and a mild detergent.  If food or drink is spilled, wipe up right away with a damp cloth or mop.

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