Going On A Bear Walk Portable Sensory Path

$964 (USD)

This portable Going On A Bear Walk can be rolled out and played on right away inside or outside on cement or asphalt!   Free to customize with your school logo or mascot.

Giant Size: 6 Feet by 33 Feet



Going On A Bear Walk

Going On A Bear Walk is our best-selling portable path!  It can be rolled out inside in a hallway, outdoors, on cement or pavement, and even installed permanently in an activity room or hallway.  Our portable paths provide the ultimate versatility.  * We add your school Mascot or logo in the stream bottom right.  Let us know language(s) (including all indigenous dialects) you require. 

going on a bear walk

NOTE: THIS PATH WAS ORIGINALLY CREATED FOR SCHOOLS WITH CARPET (LOW PILE AND MED PILE.   This portable is perfect for all floor types, including outdoors!  Install permanently or roll out temporarily.



Additional Information

Made in Canada and the United States. (depending on your location)

Durable, Washable Vinyl for Long-Term Indoor Use.