Genius Parent Home Bundle

$351 (USD)

No worksheets or computer screens are required.
(1) Multiply with Me Stair /Wall Decals 
(2) Numberverse Floor Game 3-ft x 5-ft
(3) Fraction Pizza Floor Game 3-ft x 9-ft
(4) Activity Guide JK-6 100+ Games


Parents, the more your kids laugh, the more they are learning.  We can prove it.

This bundle was created for parents to advance their kids learning at home.  No previous math/teaching skills are required.  We have included easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions so you can get your kids learning math fast while having FUN playing each game.  Expect a lot of laughing. 

Math is boring? NO such thing.

Watch the video to learn why kids (and teachers) loved our way of teaching math.

What’s Included?

(1) Multiply with Me Stair /Wall Decals  fast and fun

Genius Parent Home bundle

(2) Numberverse Floor Game 3-ft x 5-ft

Roll out math game mats and watch your kids have loads of fun playing with math! Yes, math!

paint by math cosmos













(3) Pizza Fraction Floor Game 3 Feet x 5-Feet

pizza fraction yoga


















(4) Activity Guide with games for Kindergarten to Grade 6 100+ Games












Genius Parent Home bundle