Fractions Games Waffles Mat

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Fractions can be boring and even cause students some anxiety- but never with our engaging physical fraction games.
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GIANT – 92 inches x 155 inches, 233 cm x 393 cm
SCHOOL – 60 inches x 101 inches, 52 cm x 256 cm
HOME – 36 inches x 60 inches, 91 cm x 152 cm


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Fractions Games Waffles Mat: All the games included emphasizes a visual understanding of fractions using large waffles.  The activities and games are for Kindergarten to Grade 7.  Kids have trouble with fractions.  Our kinesthetic way of teaching fractions reinforces conceptual learning and most of all kids enjoy learning this way.

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Game Bundle:
I SPY Grade Versions: K,1

Find a Waffle! Grade Versions: 1,2,3

I’m Standing… Grade Versions: 2,3

Three in a Row Grade Versions: 2,3

Waffle Grade Versions: 2,3

Slide the syrup, please ! Grade Versions: 3,4,5

Oh No! Grade Versions: 3,4,5

Waffle House Grade Versions: 3,4,5

Giant Waffle Eaters Grade Versions: 6,7

Make whole numbers
Equivalent Fractions
Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions
Reducing Fractions to Simplest Form
Adding Fractions
Subtracting Fractions
Multiplying Fractions
Converting Fractions to Decimals
Comparing Fractions
Combining Fractions to make Equivalent Fractions

Additional Information

Made in Canada and the United States. (depending on your location)

Durable vinyl, light-weight, waterproof, tear-resistant, washable, indoor/outdoor material (no sharp objects or rocks underneath).

Care Instructions:
Clean your mat as needed and remove any dirt with water mild/medium detergent.  If food or drink is spilled, wipe up right away with a damp cloth or mop.

Roll up and store dry.