Farm Feet Social Distancing Pack

$290$405 (USD)

This kit includes the most fun farm school stickers for the floor and wall. Give your young students a way to feel better when they return to school or daycare.



Are you struggling to find ways to help your youngest students to cope with the new rules regarding social distancing?
These versatile quality vinyl decals can be installed on floors, walls or windows.  Social Distancing Stickers for Schools Floor Wall Decals 6 Feet Graphics Fun Educational Self Adhesive Animal Designs.

A selection of fun farm animal designs and not only, perfect for daycare, nursery and schools. The best of all is that it comes in a selection of languages or you can add your own language. Help yourself and help your kids as well, while following the rules.
Introduce social distancing with a friendlier touch. Attach familiar animals with easier-to-understand distance references to help drive adherence within your school. Social distancing guidelines made fun by Jump2Math. These cute decals come in a  selection of sizes and shapes, easy to install, just peel and stick, with a choice for indoor or outdoor floors and walls.

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