Family Math Night Activities Resource Kit

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Are you are looking for the ultimate family math night experience?  Or maybe you want to incorporate kinesthetic math learning to reach all learners?  Our Family Math Night Activities Resource Kit includes the 5 most popular math stations based on feedback from schools.

Recycle RoundUP Math Strategies mat

Kids will have jumbo amounts of fun as they race to find number pairs that make 10, doubles or anything you create!  Add a couple of small blue recycling bins and you got a full-size game that will entertain them for a long time.  Grades JK – 8


Space Spider Math Twister

“Place your left elbow on the product of 3 x 6!”
“Put your pinkie on an even number”
Expect a whole lot of laughing as your students and parents stretch and twist to the included math questions for all elementary grade levels.


Math N' Bowl - Bowl for fractions - probability math -additions subtraction games mat

Kids and the whole family will be lining up to play Math N' Bowl. Many fun games are included including bowling for Dollars! Roll the cube to see how much each pin is worth first.


Hundreds Grid kinesthetic Activities mat

Included are many interactive games and activities for your kindergartens to intermediates!

Addition and Subtraction
Number and Pattern Activities
Multiplication and Factors
Fractions and Decimals and more!


Pizza Fractions game mat

More than 15 people can play the Pizza Delivery game!



Family Math Night Activities Resource Kit

  • Host the most unique, engaging, kinesthetic math event
  • No shipping costs to deliver your math mats to your school
  • Grade-specific instructions included with every mat
  • Logistical tips and instructions on facilitating your event
  • Marketing tools to help your school promote your amazing event
  • Re-use your durable mats for many years with future math nights and teacher classroom learning to FUN fairs

Parents Reaching out Grant for Ontario schools:
Hosting Your Own Parent Math Night Program. Template

See the math station mats below…

Family Math Night Activities Resource Kit
Our program has been booked solid with our Jump2math Night due largely to referrals from schools across Ontario – engaged more than 20,000 students and parents in this year alone!