Dinosaur Sensory Floor Stickers

$395$735 (USD)

Kids of all ages will LOVE hopping through our dinosaur SENSORY circuit and at the same time get a much needed brain break. 

SHEET SIZE: 52 inches x 138 inches



Sensory Floor Decal Set

Kids love dinosaurs – It’s a universal rule.  Chances are, you know an adult or a child who can tell you everything there is to know about dinosaurs. We love dinosaurs too!  Our Jurassic Jump game we roll out in school gymnasiums daily is a smash hit with all ages.  Students cheerfully educate you on each dinosaur’s name and even know what they eat.  With over 80 elements, there is something for all students to marvel over.  No duct tape can create this path as every colorful element has been carefully designed to engage.
Sensory Path Design IDEAS

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This set includes:

  • 1 Large Volcano (suggested wall placement)
  • 2 Jump Over lava lakes or used for infinity walk
  • 1 Wall dinosaur eye
  • 1 Start Stone
  • 1 Finish Stone
  • 20 Directional Stone Carved Arrows
  • 8 Hop-On Fossils
  • 2 Amber-Encased Mosquitos
  • 6 Wall dino claw prints
  • 8 Giant Footprints preserved in Mud
  • 10 Bone Numbers  ( 1-10 )
  • 26 Letters carved in stone ( A – Z )
  • 5 Bone Number Boulders
  • 11 Dinosaur Eggs

Sensory Floor Decals

From life-size dinosaur footprints to an active volcano and lava lake, it’s a prehistoric adventure they will experience wherever you decide to set up this path.  Whether it’s in a hallway, a sensory room, multi-purpose or a classroom, you can install this unique sensory path in a couple of hours.

Floor decals
  1. Thoroughly clean the floor area chosen for the floor decals
  2. Use sharp scissors for cutting out each of the decals
  3. Place the decals on the floor and create the entire layout
  4. Starting at one end of the decal ensuring air bubbles are not trapped,  peel the backing of the decals and slowly press onto the floor.
  5. Use a soft cloth or any non-marring/scratching material to smooth out any wrinkles.
  6. Only floor wax is recommended for use on our sensory pathways for permanent installations. Floor “seal, finish or coating” may contain chemicals that might damage your path. If one must be used, we can send you a sample for testing purposes.
  7. If you choose our carpet version, just cut, peel and stick. (low – medium pile) It is removable and can be stored on a heavy-duty sheet of plastic or heavy-duty contractors garbage bags if the carpet needs to be steam cleaned.
  8. Our carpet version sensory paths can also be installed on most indoor smooth, hard floor surfaces that cannot be waxed or sealed. It provides a tougher and longer-lasting option than our standard adhesive decals.
    See the most durable, waterproof, carpet decal in action:





Longevity depends on many factors:
Foot traffic
Cold Climate with snowy winters (salt)
Our standard affordable paths in the worst environments with no protection may last 3-6 months

Ways to protect our standard affordable Decals:
4 – 6 coats of wax (this will have the greatest impact on lifespan and your decals will last years)

Longer lasting (no waxing needed) Carpet Decals:
Schools looking for a longer-lasting product that doesn’t require wax and works perfect on the carpet or non-wax floors should consider this option.
The tough carpet decal with its coarse surface provides excellent traction and is more durable. Cleaning machines (not scrubbers) and vacuums can easily run over them. It will last longer in the same environment as our standard decals.

Additional Information

Made in Canada and the United States. (depending on your location)

Durable, scratch resistant, Waterproof, Tear-resistant, Washable, Peelable Non-Slip Vinyl for Long-Term Indoor Use.

Please note, we understand that cutting out each of the elements in our sensory path decals will take time.
However, our main goal was to provide these products at the most affordable prices.   Having the decals pre-cut would have added substantial cost to each of the sets.
Consider this as a fun, social, arts and crafts project for your staff or students at your school or business.  You’ll be getting to know your co-workers even better while saving a lot of money at the same time.

Place on wax paper.