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Imagine how your students will feel when they enter the classroom to see wild animals from around the WORLD!  DeskMATES are a new teaching tool developed during challenging times to support teachers and students in schools across North America.

DeskMATES can be used to support positive student behavior, improve self-regulation and fine motor skills and passively improve psychological well-being by adding some familiarity and fun!  DeskMATES are a versatile tool, Scroll down to learn more…

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Transition back to school with DeskMATES, an innovative classroom tool that prioritizes Safety while addressing some Social Emotional needs, Literacy, and Psychological Well-being.

Enhance your learning environment with positive and engaging desk themes that add some fun during the contending challenge of social distancing guidelines.  DeskMATES are designed to help students (and you the teachers!) adapt to a very different learning environment.

BIG Benefits

Product Breakdown

Each DeskMATE comprises 2 pieces: Desktop Guide & Animal Graphic

Desktop Guide

Ruler – labelled in CM and INCH – measure objects around the class – incorporate simple math.
Alphabet – trace lines for fine motor skill development.
4 Zones of Regulation – evidence-based “feeling zones” used as an emotional/behavioural guidance tool.
Dry Erase Nameplate – Students become an “official” park ranger for…
Alphabetized Animal Pals – fun animals that match their names with the corresponding alphabet below – mnemonic tool.
Durable & Cleanable – safe cleaning with alcohol, soapy water, or any other district-approved cleaner

Animal Graphic

Words of Inspiration – each animal contains a unique short saying that empowers by instilling positive behaviors and confidence.
Unique Animal – found from different habitats around the world – students can choose who to represent and identify with.
Promotes Psychological Well-Being – adds colour – familiar/natural scenery boosts moods – our environments can raise or lower our stress levels!
Waterproof and Tear-Resistant.  Deskmates can be taken outdoors for your outdoor classroom!
Zero Footprint – Takes up no extra classroom wall or floor space

We really want to help make this transition back to school to be a positive and engaging experience for all children and teachers. Thank you to all the teachers whos collective feedback made this product possible. 

More Ideas

  • Reward positive behaviour with your own system like GBG Good Behavior Game.
  • Quick and easy messages of encouragement right on their very own personal desk.
  • Motivate students to pursue a variety of goals, from homework to good behaviour, sticker badges, dry erase area to personalize with name, numbers or anything you want!
  • Customize your DeskMATES with your own behavior management/character system. PBIS, Virtues or the Pillars of Character in any areas with dry-erase or permanent markers.

Technical information

DeskMATES are made from 2 pieces:
1. A vinyl front graphic 24″ x 25″ (Hangs freely)
2. An adhesive decal Desktop Helper 24″ x 7″
Installation in 3 easy steps; instructions will be included with every order.
The Desktop Helper holds the vinyl graphic at the front of the desk. (About 1.5″ overlap)
The Desktop Helper is dry-erase and contains the various teaching tools.
Many teachers are getting sponsorships for DeskMATES at no cost from car dealerships.  If you need your classroom(s) sponsored and don’t have time for DonorsChoose or grants, email   Schools need to be located in Canada (excluding Yukon/ NWT) and the United States. (excluding Alaska, Hawaii)

Companies Sponsoring DeskMATES for Schools

Thank you for sponsoring a classroom with Deskmates!  Teachers are incredibly grateful for your generosity.  Their students will be thrilled to own their own personalized desk vehicle and individual tools.   All of a sudden the 2020 school year is not so scary.

As a big awesome thank you for your support, please provide us with your company’s Facebook page as we would like to share and promote!
A 26″  Thank You ” floor decal with your dealership/company logo to spotlight your generosity within the community.

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