Butterfly Lookout Portable Sensory Path

$316 (USD)

This portable sensory path is ideal for schools and institutions where permanent installations are not convenient. Our portable path provides the ultimate flexibility. You can move it from one location to another in minutes.

Portable Path  SIZE  –  60″ X 138″


Portable Sensory Path

Provide your students with an opportunity to use movement to regulate their emotional and physical states.  This path will provide a short active break for students and help them refocus on learning.  Roll it up like a carpet for storage and unroll it for instant fun, engagement and learning. Manufactured from heavy-duty vinyl, it can get wet and dirty yet it cleans up with soap and water. Use it on carpet, tile, rubberized sports tracks or virtually any clean indoor surface. Your students can wear their indoor shoes to participate.

For safety reasons, we recommend these mats be secured down on the floor surface using either clear vinyl tape or clear duct tape around the perimeter of the path. If you want to bring your sensory path outside, make sure there are no sharp objects underneath such as stones or branches.

Currently, our sensory paths are getting international attention as they provide an affordable option for creating organized movement breaks for individual students or groups. They provide an opportunity for all kids to use their bodies appropriately to calm themselves, improve attention, and decrease anxiety. As a result, they can help develop coordination, spatial awareness, and balance (all important components for learning).


Additional Information

Made in Canada and the United States. (depending on your location)

Durable, Washable Vinyl for Long-Term Indoor Use.