Action Based Learning Math Bundle

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Implement movement-based learning to boost our students’ achievement, increase their physical activity levels, and improve their confidence with math and reading.
TOUCH-FREE and NO EQUIPMENT required.  Many schools are hosting their own virtual math events.  Schools set-up their gym with giant game mats and parents join virtually while their kids having a blast with math!  Instructions included.  If you need a smaller more economical version but with the same engagement see our Gamify Bundle.

All manipulatives can be sanitized.



Recycle RoundUP Math Strategies mat

Kids will have jumbo amounts of fun as they race to find number pairs that make 10, doubles or anything you create!  Add a couple of small blue recycling bins and you got a full-size game that will entertain them for a long time.  Grades JK – 8


Space Spider Math Twister

“Place your left elbow on the product of 3 x 6!”
“Put your pinkie on an even number”
Expect a whole lot of laughing as your students and parents stretch and twist to the included math questions for all elementary grade levels.


Hundreds Grid kinesthetic Activities mat

Included are many interactive games and activities for your kindergartens to intermediates!

Addition and Subtraction
Number and Pattern Activities
Multiplication and Factors
Fractions and Decimals and more!


Hop Around the Clock - Telling Time Games

Telling time is tricky for students. Numerous math skills can be taught while using this giant clock manipulative.
Over 200 pages of telling time games and activities included.


Fractions Games Waffles Mat

Fractions can be boring and even cause students some anxiety- but never with our engaging physical fraction games.


Doubletrack Place Value Game Hop

The teacher calls out a number of 2,531.24! Students race to get themselves into groups of that size on the giant place value chart. There are many games that allow students to learn physically and visually how place value works. We include several to get you started for Grade 2 - Grade 8.


Cosmic Climb Differentiated Math Game

Cosmic Climb Differentiated Math Game is challenging, physical, and always FUN! Kids will play this game for hours... literally.


Pebble Patio - Play based Learning Activities

The very realistic Pebble Patio is perfect for play-based learning for PreK to Kindergarten.  There is so much to explore and learn on the Pebble Patio that students will not want to leave!


GIANT - 92 inches x 92 inches, 233 cm x 233 cm
SCHOOL - 60 inches x 60 inches, 152 cm x 152 cm
HOME - 36 inches x 36 inches, 91 cm x 91 cm


Temperature TREK Integer games

Temperature TREK Integer games mat comes with loads of FUN games and activities. Adding the temperature helps students to conceptualize integer addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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Learn Based Learning Math Bundle

  • Includes 9 kinesthetic math station mats – Host your own virtual math night!
  • Vinyl Manipulatives: (CAN BE SANITIZED) Place Value Numbers, Giant CAD or US play money, waffle blobs,  spaceships
  • Activity Guide includes 80+ pages with curriculum focused games and activities
  • Free Shipping within North America
  • Kindergarten to Grade 6
  • Need a smaller version but with the same games and engagement?  See our Gamify Math Bundle now.

Movement serves an essential function in influencing a growing child’s abilities to think, problem-solve, and regulate emotions.   See first hand how movement can improve their mental and physical well-being.  Let’s add to their joy in learning math.  In fact, we have included hundreds of action-based games and activities from Kindergarten to grade 6.