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    $1,222 (USD)

    Transform your environment with a  “WILD WALK HALLWAY ” sensory path and provide a wonderful multi-sensory approach to address various learning styles and children with varying needs.  CUSTOM ADD-ON: Choose a MASCOT and we will add the SILHOUETTE and PAW/FOOT PRINTS to the “RUN IN A CIRCLE” ELEMENT.
    Sensory Path Design IDEAS


  • PORTABLE Sensory Path – Forest Jump

    $242 (USD)

    Bring the forest inside…
    This portable sensory path is ideal for schools and institutions where permanent installations are not convenient. Our port-a-path provides the ultimate flexibility. You can move it from one location to another in minutes.

    PATH SIZE  –  60″ X 192″   1.5 m x 4.8 m

  • Sensory Path Floor Decals – Jump And Sea

    $976 (USD)

    Transform your environment with a  “Jump and Sea” sensory path and provide a wonderful multi-sensory approach to address various learning styles and children with varying needs.
    Sensory Path Design IDEAS

    SHEET SIZE  –  52″ X 480″   132cm X 1219cm

  • Dinosaur Sensory Floor Stickers

    $294 (USD)

    Kids of all ages will LOVE hopping through our dinosaur SENSORY circuit and at the same time get a much needed brain break. 

    SHEET SIZE – 1.3 m x 3 m  52″ x 120″

  • Removable Sensory Floor Decal Set HOPPIN FUN

    $98 (USD)

    Create your own kinesthetic pathway anywhere on a smooth surface with these durable, removable floor decals (stickers).

    SHEET SIZE:  37″ x 54″  94 cm x 137 cm

  • Jurassic Jump Multisensory Math Games

    $349$450 (USD)

    Who doesn’t like dinosaurs and prehistoric times?    This game is a big favourite as all kids love the challenges of the interactive and fun games included!

    GIANT – 2.4 m x 6 m , 8′ x 20′ (shown in pictures)
    SCHOOL – 2 m x 5 m , 6.5′ x 16′

  • Kinesthetic Multiplication 7-8-9 Mat

    $365$566 (USD)

    Instead of trying to motivate your kids to memorize their multiplication facts, have them play interactive games instead.

    GIANT – 2.4 m x 8 m , 8′ x 25′
    SCHOOL – 1.8 m x 6 m, 6′ x 18′

  • Kinesthetic Multiplication Grades K – 3

    $217$365 (USD)

    All kids will have enormous fun and get physical exercise while learning and practicing number recognition and multiplication.
    Teacher Guide with games and activities included.

    Mat Languages: English/French/Spanish/Korean

    GIANT – 2.2 m x 5 m , 7′ x 16′ (shown in pictures)
    SCHOOL – 2 m x 4 m, 6′ x 13′

  • Pebble Patio – Play based Learning Activities

    $78$217 (USD)

    The very realistic Pebble Patio is perfect for play-based learning for PreK to Kindergarten.  There is so much to explore and learn on the Pebble Patio that students will not want to leave!


    GIANT – 2.4 m x 2.4 m, 8′ x 8′
    SCHOOL> – 1.8 m x 1.8 m, 6′  x 6′
    HOME – 1.2 m 1.2 m, 4′ x 4′

  • Bowling Math Games Neon

    $192$308 (USD)

    Bowling Math Games Neon mat is a sure way to keep your kids on a roll in math!


    GIANT – 1.7 m x 6 m,  5′ 5″ x 20′
    SCHOOL – 1.3 m x 5 m,  4′ 3″ x 16′


  • Fractions Games Waffles Mat

    $217$311 (USD)

    Fractions can be boring and even cause students some anxiety- but never with our engaging physical fraction games.


    GIANT – 2.4 m x 4.11 m,  8′ x 13′.5″
    SCHOOL – 1.83 m x  3 m,   6′ x 10′


  • Doubletrack Place Value Game Hop

    $184$450 (USD)

    The teacher calls out a number 2,531.24 !  Students race to get themselves into groups of that size on the giant place value chart.  There are many games that allow students to learn physically and visually on how place value works.   We include several to get you started for Grade 2 – Grade 8.



    GIANT – 2.4 m x 6 m,  8′  x  20
    SCHOOL – 2 m x 5 m,  7′  x  16′
    HOME – 1.5 m x 3.75 m,  5′  x  12′


  • Recycle RoundUP Math Strategies mat

    $376$477 (USD)

    Kids will have jumbo amounts of fun as they race to find number pairs that make 10, doubles or anything you create!  The most popular comment from every teacher is:  “This mat is so versatile, I can teach so much and not only math!”  Add a couple of small blue recycling bins and you got a full-size game that will entertain and educate your entire class for a long time.  Grades JK – 8


    GIANT – 2.34 m x 6.81 m, 7’8″ x 22’4″ (shown in pictures)
    SCHOOL – 2.03 m x 5.97 m, 6’8″ x 19’7″