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  • Paint By Math Clock

    $135 (USD)

    It’s a clock…It’s a time game…It’s a giant art project!  Are your kids stressed about math?  K-6 Kinesthetic Paint by Math Art will fix that.  We can prove it.

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    Genius Parent Home Bundle

    $476 $245 (USD)

    Did you know that physically active children learn and retain information better? No worksheets or computer screens are needed to get kids having loads of fun with learning math.
    (1) Multiply with Me Stair /Wall Decals 1 – 9
    (1) Space Spider Floor Game 5-ft x 5-ft
    (1) Half A Waffle Floor Game 5-ft x 9-ft
    (3) Activity Guides JK-6 100+ Games

  • Farm Feet Social Distancing Pack

    $271$377 (USD)

    This kit includes the most fun farm school stickers for the floor and wall. Give your young students a way to feel better when they return to school or daycare.

  • Cob Hop Portable Hopscotch

    $270 (USD)

    Roll out inside or outside and hop on the numbered cobs for a fun and active way for young kids to get some movement.  Cob Hop vinyl portable path provides the ultimate in flexibility!  Great for schools, camps, daycare, activity centers and even your home!

    Portable Path  SIZE  –  60″ X 126″

  • Circle of Courage Wall Banner

    $160 (USD)

    Circle of Courage Wall Banner can be installed indoors or outdoors.

    SIZE  –  4.5 feet x 4.5 feet

  • WALL World Map

    $361 (USD)

    This World Wall Map, Our Home Planet was curated to help kids learn about and admire our interconnected world.

    SIZE  –   5 feet x 10 feet and
    56x Animal removable stickers to place around the globe.  Don’t forget to choose your language preference!

  • BE THE “I” IN KIND Kindness Mural

    $245$545 (USD)

    A fun way to encourage kind and respectful behaviors at school or anywhere inside or outside.  It can also be used as an anti-bullying program at a school!

    Size: 4.5 FT X 8 FT

  • BEAR WALL – Black

    $324 (USD)

    It’s big!
    It’s tall!
    It’s a life-size bear on a wall!

    SIZE  –  60″ X 108″

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    Medieval Magnetic Wall Chess

    $573 $401 (USD)

    A new dimension for a classic and challenging game!  Free shipping in North America.  No taxes if in U.S.

    Introducing Medieval Magnetic Wall Chess.  We combine Art and Function in this one of a kind magnetic wall chess set.
    Install this iconic chess set in a school, library, or home. It can go on a wall, window, table or even the ceiling if that’s your thing!

    Size: 4.5 FT wide by 3.25 FT height

  • BEAR WALL – Polar

    $324 (USD)

    It’s big!
    It’s tall!
    It’s a life-size bear on a wall!

    SIZE  –  60″ X 108″