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  • BE THE “I” IN KIND Kindness Mural

    $245$545 (USD)

    A fun way to encourage kind and respectful behaviors at school or anywhere inside or outside.  It can also be used as an anti-bullying program at a school!

    Size: 4.5 FT X 8 FT

  • Floor Protractor Door Mat

    $160$324 (USD)

    Watch your kids enjoy learning about angles!

     SIZE:  72 inches x 36 inches

  • Shoe Parking Lot

    $131$316 (USD)

    What’s the secret to getting your students to stash their shoes neatly?  How about a big Shoe Parking Lot! No parking fee’s either 🙂


    GIANT – 36 inches x 360 inches, 91 cm x 914 cm
    SCHOOL – 24 inches x 240 inches, 60 cm x 609 cm
    HOME – 12 inches x 120 inches, 30 cm x 304 cm