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  • Paint By Math Cosmos

    $172 (USD)

    Color with paint or marker   Play dozens of math games for Kindergarten to Grade 6  then Repeat
    Size: 5 Feet x 7.5 Feet

  • Paint By Math Clock

    $172 (USD)

    It’s a clock…It’s a time game…It’s a giant 60″ x 60″ art project!  Are your kids stressed about math?  K-6 Kinesthetic Paint by Math Art will fix that.  We can prove it.

  • Sale!

    Genius Parent Home Bundle

    $263 (USD)

    Did you know that physically active children learn and retain information better? No worksheets or computer screens are needed to get kids having loads of fun with learning math.
    (1) Multiply with Me Stair /Wall Decals 1 – 9
    (1) Space Spider Floor Game 5-ft x 5-ft
    (1) Half A Waffle Floor Game 5-ft x 9-ft
    (3) Activity Guides JK-6 100+ Games


    $119$348 (USD)

    Imagine how your students will feel when they enter the classroom to see wild animals from around the WORLD!  DeskMATES are a new teaching tool developed during challenging times to support teachers and students in schools across North America.

    DeskMATES can be used to support positive student behavior, improve self-regulation and fine motor skills and passively improve psychological well-being by adding some familiarity and fun!  DeskMATES are a versatile tool, Scroll down to learn more…

  • BE THE “I” IN KIND Kindness Mural

    $263$585 (USD)

    A fun way to encourage kind and respectful behaviors at school or anywhere inside or outside.  It can also be used as an anti-bullying program at a school!

    Size: 4.5 FT X 8 FT

  • Floor Protractor Door Mat

    $172$348 (USD)

    Watch your kids enjoy learning about angles!

     SIZE:  72 inches x 36 inches

  • Shoe Parking Lot

    $141$339 (USD)

    What’s the secret to getting your students to stash their shoes neatly?  How about a big Shoe Parking Lot! No parking fee’s either 🙂


    GIANT – 36 inches x 360 inches, 91 cm x 914 cm
    SCHOOL – 24 inches x 240 inches, 60 cm x 609 cm
    HOME – 12 inches x 120 inches, 30 cm x 304 cm