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  • Sensory Path Floor Decals – Jump And Sea

    $1,184$2,631 (USD)

    Transform your environment with a  “Jump and Sea” sensory path and provide a wonderful multi-sensory approach to address various learning styles and children with varying needs.
    Sensory Path Design IDEAS

    SHEET SIZE  –  (4) 52 inches x 120 inches
    POTENTIAL COVERAGE:  60 – 200 Feet

  • Dinosaur Sensory Floor Stickers

    $395$735 (USD)

    Kids of all ages will LOVE hopping through our dinosaur SENSORY circuit and at the same time get a much needed brain break. 

    SHEET SIZE: 52 inches x 138 inches
    POTENTIAL COVERAGE: 20 – 50 Feet

  • Sensory Floor Decal Set – CRAYON CREATIONS

    $172$350 (USD)

    Create your own sensory hallway with this starter pack.  Great for ALL kids who need movement breaks throughout the day!

    SHEET SIZE:  52 inches x 53 inches
    POTENTIAL COVERAGE: 10 – 30  Feet

  • Sensory Floor Decal Set HOPPIN FUN

    $131$273 (USD)

    A great path for smaller spaces or tight budgets.
    Hoppin Fun is our colourful collection of handprints, footprints, numbers, and arrows to help kids expend energy and promote self-regulation. Great for a school hallway, library, gym, activity room, classroom, or anywhere with a smooth surface.

    SHEET SIZE:  52 inches x 38 inches 
    POTENTIAL COVERAGE:  10 – 30 Feet


    $348$656 (USD)

    What kid wouldn’t like jumping on logs and lily pads?   Create your own pathway or with our suggested layout with these colorful, durable, certified slip-resistant decals!  NEW Our paths can be installed on waxed floors, non-waxed, carpet, and outdoors!  See ALL of our Sensory Paths

    SHEET SIZE: 52 inches x 122 inches
    POTENTIAL COVERAGE: 20 – 50 Feet