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  • JUMP2LEARN Facilitator Bundle

    $4,286 (USD)

    The Facilitator Bundle comes with 10 Game Mats + Manipulatives + 100’s of games for JK-8.  NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED.


  • Gamify Learning Math Bundle

    $700 (USD)

    Gamify Learning Math Bundle is a super fun, fast, and physical way to learn math for K-6. Math is boring?  Try to say that after one game!

  • Paint By Math Cosmos

    $260 (USD)

    Color with paint or marker   Play dozens of math games for Kindergarten to Grade 6  then Repeat
    Size: 5 Feet x 7.5 Feet

  • Kinesthetic PD-Day Bundle

    $4,281 (USD)

    Kinesthetic PD-Day Bundle

    Guided math workshops are a very effective strategy to enhance student immersion in difficult concepts. The PD-Day bundle was created to be the ultimate supplement to any workshop or group-based activity aimed at learning math.  2-hour virtual teacher training is provided.  Our multi-sensory learning approach boosts retention rates, builds self-confidence, and teaches strategies to boost math outcomes.

  • Temperature TREK Integer games

    $172$480 (USD)

    Temperature TREK Integer games mat comes with loads of FUN games and activities.  Adding the temperature helps students to conceptualize integer addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


    GIANT – 42 inches x 366 inches, 106 cm x 929 cm
    SCHOOL – 30 inches x 261 inches, 76 cm x 662 cm
    HOME – 20 inches x 174 inches, 50 cm x 441 cm


  • Jurassic Jump Multisensory Math Games

    $229$524 (USD)

    Who doesn’t like dinosaurs and prehistoric times?    This game is a big favourite as all kids love the challenges of the interactive and fun games included!

    GIANT –  2.3m x 5.8m, 92″ x 230″ (shown in pictures)
    SCHOOL – 1.5m x 3.8m, 60″ x 150″

    HOME – 36″ x 90″

  • Pebble Patio – Play based Learning Activities

    $128$348 (USD)

    The very realistic Pebble Patio is perfect for play-based learning for PreK to Kindergarten.  There is so much to explore and learn on the Pebble Patio that students will not want to leave!


    GIANT – 92 inches x 92 inches, 233 cm x 233 cm
    SCHOOL – 60 inches x 60 inches, 152 cm x 152 cm
    HOME – 36 inches x 36 inches, 91 cm x 91 cm

  • Bowling Math Games Neon

    $220$524 (USD)

    Bowling Math Games Neon mat is a sure way to keep your kids on a roll in math!


    GIANT – 72 inches x 265 inches, 182 cm x 673 cm
    SCHOOL – 60 inches x 222 inches, 152 cm x 563 cm
    HOME – 36 inches x 133 inches, 91 cm x 337 cm


  • Fractions Games Waffles Mat

    $154$480 (USD)

    Fractions can be boring and even cause students some anxiety- but never with our engaging physical fraction games.
    Save by ordering one of our popular bundles.  1. Family Activity Resource Kit or 2. Action Based Learning Math Bundle  


    GIANT – 92 inches x 155 inches, 233 cm x 393 cm
    SCHOOL – 60 inches x 101 inches, 52 cm x 256 cm
    HOME – 36 inches x 60 inches, 91 cm x 152 cm


  • Action Based Learning Math Bundle

    $2,288 (USD)

    Implement movement-based learning to boost our students’ achievement, increase their physical activity levels, and improve their confidence in math and reading.
    TOUCH-FREE and NO EQUIPMENT required.


    Family Math Night Activities Resource Kit – Games in English, Spanish or French
    So Versatile!

    Nothing like #move2learn watching these 1st-grade students do an obstacle course while computating equations were awesome! We also burned 3,280 calories-nothing like outdoor learning

    1.  End of School Year Games Event
    2.  Kids Summer Camp – Day Camp (Ages:6-13)
    3.  School Fair
    4.  Movement Based Learning
    5.   Social Emotional Learning

    All game mats and manipulatives are Waterproof, Durable and Sanitizable.

    Take them outside! Teacher in Georgia loving our math mats!