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    Gamify Learning Math Bundle

    $436 (USD)

    Gamify Learning Math Bundle is a super fun, fast, and physical way to learn math for K-6. Math is boring?  Try to say that after one game!

  • Kinesthetic PD-Day Bundle

    $4,281 (USD)

    Kinesthetic PD-Day Bundle

    Guided math workshops are a very effective strategy to enhance student immersion into difficult concepts. The PD-Day bundle was created to be the ultimate supplement to any workshop or group-based activity aimed at learning math.

  • Temperature TREK Integer games

    $145$480 (USD)

    Temperature TREK Integer games mat comes with loads of FUN games and activities.  Adding the temperature helps students to conceptualize integer addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


    GIANT – 42 inches x 366 inches, 106 cm x 929 cm
    SCHOOL – 30 inches x 261 inches, 76 cm x 662 cm
    HOME – 20 inches x 174 inches, 50 cm x 441 cm


  • Jurassic Jump Multisensory Math Games

    $321$524 (USD)

    Who doesn’t like dinosaurs and prehistoric times?    This game is a big favourite as all kids love the challenges of the interactive and fun games included!

    GIANT –  2.3m x 5.8m, 92″ x 230″ (shown in pictures)
    SCHOOL – 1.5m x 3.8m, 60″ x 150″‘

  • Pebble Patio – Play based Learning Activities

    $84$260 (USD)

    The very realistic Pebble Patio is perfect for play-based learning for PreK to Kindergarten.  There is so much to explore and learn on the Pebble Patio that students will not want to leave!


    GIANT – 92 inches x 92 inches, 233 cm x 233 cm
    SCHOOL – 60 inches x 60 inches, 152 cm x 152 cm
    HOME – 36 inches x 36 inches, 91 cm x 91 cm

  • Bowling Math Games Neon

    $220$524 (USD)

    Bowling Math Games Neon mat is a sure way to keep your kids on a roll in math!


    GIANT – 72 inches x 265 inches, 182 cm x 673 cm
    SCHOOL – 60 inches x 222 inches, 152 cm x 563 cm
    HOME – 36 inches x 133 inches, 91 cm x 337 cm


  • Fractions Games Waffles Mat

    $141$480 (USD)

    Fractions can be boring and even cause students some anxiety- but never with our engaging physical fraction games.
    Save by ordering one of our popular bundles.  1. Family Activity Resource Kit or 2. Action Based Learning Math Bundle  


    GIANT – 92 inches x 155 inches, 233 cm x 393 cm
    SCHOOL – 60 inches x 101 inches, 52 cm x 256 cm
    HOME – 36 inches x 60 inches, 91 cm x 152 cm


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    Action Based Learning Math Bundle

    $2,108 (USD)

    Implement movement-based learning to boost our students’ achievement, increase their physical activity levels, and improve their confidence with math and reading.
    TOUCH-FREE and NO EQUIPMENT required.  Many schools are hosting their own virtual math events.  Schools set-up their gym with giant game mats and parents join virtually while their kids having a blast with math!  Instructions included.  If you need a smaller more economical version but with the same engagement see our Gamify Bundle.

    All manipulatives can be sanitized.



  • Doubletrack Place Value Game Hop

    $216$612 (USD)

    The teacher calls out a number 2,531.24 !  Students race to get themselves into groups of that size on the giant place value chart.  There are many games that allow students to learn physically and visually on how place value works.   We include several to get you started for Grade 2 – Grade 8.  Save by ordering one of our popular bundles.  1. Family Activity Resource Kit or 2. Action Based Learning Math Bundle  


    GIANT – 92 inches x 230 inches, 233 cm x 584 cm
    SCHOOL – 60 inches x 150 inches, 152 cm x 381 cm
    HOME – 36 inches x 90 inches, 91 cm x 228 cm


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    Parent Lending Library Math Game Mats Bundle

    $958 (USD)

    Are you are looking for the ultimate family math night experience for your school?  See our Family Math Night Activities Resource Kit HERE.   Once parents find out your school has the Jump2Math mats available for them to take home and continue the awesome fun their kids had at school, expect to have a huge waiting list at your parent lending library.  Want to make your mats extra special? (inclusive)  Let us know what other languages to add to your mats.  Korean, French, Spanish …