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    Jump and Sea Portable Sensory Path

    $1,460.00$2,290.00 (CAD)

    Versatile indoor/outdoor portable sensory path.  Install in less than 10 minutes! This sensory path is a roll out path that is created from a super strong industrial strength vinyl that is covered with a certified anti slip laminate that will ensure many years of fun with vivid graphics. It provides a tougher and longer-lasting option than our standard adhesive decals. All you need to do is unroll it like a carpet and secure it with a no residue clear tape.  Tape is included for first application.


    Giant Size: 5 Feet by 42.5 Feet (212.5 ft²) 
    Large Size: 4 Feet by 34 Feet (136 ft²) 

  • Infinity Walk Roll-Out Mat

    $359.00 (CAD)

    Learn how this Infinity Walk Method benefits students, patients, children & adults.
    This portable roll-out activity mat can be used inside and out!

    Portable Path  SIZE  –  60″ X 110″

  • Birch Balance Roll-Out Activity Mat

    $359.00 (CAD)

    Balance on a birch!
    This portable roll-out activity mat is the ultimate in flexibility. You can move it from one location to another inside and outdoors.

    Portable Path  SIZE  –  60″ X 120″  5 Feet by 10 Feet


    $398.00 (CAD)

    Promote healthy eating and fitness indoors or outside!
    This portable sensory path is ideal for schools and institutions where permanent installations are not convenient. Our portable path provides the ultimate flexibility. You can move it from one location to another in minutes.

    Portable Path  SIZE  –  60″ X 164″

  • One World Hopscotch Alphabet Adventure

    $495.00$925.00 (CAD)

    We live on a beautiful and diverse planet. One World Hopscotch is a unique, physical game available for all floors indoors and outdoors.  Toss a stone or a beanbag and take a journey of discovery through 26  amazing countries.  Enjoy your trip !  See all of our hopscotches here.

    Size:  50 feet needed of horizontal space
    Each country block is 16.5 inches
    Start and Finish blocks are 36 inches


  • Hopscotch Ideas for Kids

    $295.00$595.00 (CAD)

    We have Hopscotch designs that can be installed indoors, outdoors, on floors to asphalt and cement.  If you need an outdoor hopscotch that is smaller (home driveway size) , contact us as we can create a more affordable version.  The outdoor ones will last 2+ years on average.    

    Hopscotch size depends on how far apart you place your decals.  – Example:  5 feet across and 15 feet long.

  • Inukshuk Portable Hopscotch

    $398.00 (CAD)

    This portable inukshuk hopscotch can be rolled out and played on right away inside or out!   Free to customize with our own words.
    Mindful, Resilient, Respectful, Honest, Fair, Safe, Active, Cooperative, Inclusive …

    Portable Path  SIZE  –  60″ X 150″