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  • Sensory Floor Decal Set HOPPIN FUN

    $122$254 (USD)

    A great path for smaller spaces or tight budgets.
    Hoppin Fun is our colourful collection of handprints, footprints, numbers, and arrows to help kids expend energy and promote self-regulation. Great for a school hallway, library, gym, activity room, classroom, or anywhere with a smooth surface.

    SHEET SIZE:  52 inches x 38 inches 
    POTENTIAL COVERAGE:  10 – 30 Feet


    $294$537 (USD)

    What kid wouldn’t like jumping on logs and lily pads?   Create your own pathway or with our suggested layout with these colorful, durable, certified slip-resistant decals!  NEW Our paths can be installed on waxed floors, non-waxed, carpet, and outdoors!  See ALL of our Sensory Paths

    SHEET SIZE: 52 inches x 122 inches
    POTENTIAL COVERAGE: 20 – 50 Feet

  • Pizza Fraction Floor Graphics

    $185$365 (USD)

    Pizza Fraction Floor Graphics – Transform your school hallway into a colourful active learning environment during transitions.


    SHEET SIZE: 52 inches x 66 inches
    POTENTIAL COVERAGE: 10 – 30 Feet

  • Fishy Number Line Floor Graphic

    $152$311 (USD)

    Transform your school hallway into a colourful active learning environment.  The Fishy Number-line permanent decal is an engaging fun way to brighten up any school hallway and support number recognition at the same time!


    SHEET SIZE: 20 inches x 120 inches

  • Integers Sensory Floor Sticker

    $324$595 (USD)

    Transform your school hallway into an engaging colourful active learning environment.  Imagine your students jumping, hopping and leaping down the hall chanting the numbers from minus 10 to positive ten.   Interactive kinesthetic games and activities included for Grade 1 to grade 6.

    Physical literacy + Math = Engaged Integrated Learning.

    SIZE: 30 inches x 240 inches