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  • Sensory Path Floor Decals – Jump And Sea

    $976 (USD)

    Transform your environment with a  “Jump and Sea” sensory path and provide a wonderful multi-sensory approach to address various learning styles and children with varying needs.
    Sensory Path Design IDEAS

    SHEET SIZE  –  52″ X 480″   132cm X 1219cm

  • Dinosaur Sensory Floor Stickers

    $294 (USD)

    Kids of all ages will LOVE hopping through our dinosaur SENSORY circuit and at the same time get a much needed brain break. 

    SHEET SIZE – 1.3 m x 3 m  52″ x 120″

  • Sensory Floor Decal Set – CRAYON CREATIONS

    $122 (USD)

    Create your own sensory hallway with this starter pack.  Great for ALL kids who need to move throughout the day!  FRENCH | ENGLISH | SPANISH

    SHEET SIZE:  38″x 73″   96 cm x 185 cm

  • Removable Sensory Floor Decal Set HOPPIN FUN

    $98 (USD)

    Create your own kinesthetic pathway anywhere on a smooth surface with these durable, removable floor decals (stickers).

    SHEET SIZE:  37″ x 54″  94 cm x 137 cm

  • Sensory Floor Decal Set – NATURE HOP

    $267 (USD)

    What kid wouldn’t like jumping on logs and lily pads?   Create your own pathway or with our suggested layout with these colorful, durable, certified slip resistant decals!
    Movable, reusable, no residue!  Have fun creating!   Free Shipping from Toronto and most U.S. states.    Email us for a quote for U.K. and Australia orders.

    SHEET SIZE:  52″ X 113″  132 cm x 312 cm

  • Pizza Fraction Floor Graphics

    $161 (USD)

    Pizza Fraction Floor Graphics – Transform your school hallway into a colourful active learning environment during transitions.


    GIANT – (16) 12-inch pizza decals

  • Fishy Number Line Floor Graphic

    $110 (USD)

    Transform your school hallway into a colourful active learning environment.  The Fishy Numberline semi-permanent decal is an engaging fun way to brighten up any school hallway and support number recognition at the same time!


    GIANT – .5 metres x 3 metres  1′ 66 x 10′

  • Integers Sensory Floor Sticker

    $244 (USD)

    Transform your school hallway into an engaging colourful active learning environment.  Imagine your student’s jumping, hopping and leaping down the hall chanting the numbers from minus 10 to positive ten.   Interactive kinesthetic games and activities included for Grade 1 to grade 6.

    Physical literacy + Math = Engaged Integrated Learning.


    GIANT – .81 m x 6 m, 2’6″ x 20′