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  • Farm Feet FUN Activity PACK

    $299 (USD)

    Add a fun FARM and educational touch with Farm Feet Floor and Wall Stickers!  Great for the classroom, home, nurseries…

  • Infinite Circle of Courage

    $289 (USD)

    Giant Floor Decal
    “It’s amazing, I love how you have all the spirit animals and the continuous flow…learning never stops..”
    DL Salisbury

    Decal Size  –  52″ x  93″

  • Sensory Path – Going On a Bear Walk

    $876$1,747 (USD)

    Going On A Bear Walk is a fun engaging adventure sensory path! Kids can travel across salmon streams, jump on alphabet bear tracks, bugs, birds, or yoga pose with a grizzly!

    POTENTIAL COVERAGE: 100 – 150 Feet

  • NATURE at HOME Sensory Path

    $131$260 (USD)

    NOTE: THIS IS THE HOME VERSION.  Our most popular and School version is here.   Our paths can be installed on smooth floors, hardwood, carpet, and ceramic tiles!

    SHEET SIZE: 36 inches x 66 inches
    POTENTIAL COVERAGE: 20 – 25 Feet

  • Social Distancing Floor and Wall Stickers Pack (Large)

    $348$638 (USD)

    132 Pieces Durable Decals for your Floors, Tables and Walls.  Add your Mascot and School colors at no extra charge.  EXPECT TO RECEIVE IN 2 WEEKS!  (Ground North America)

  • Nature Themed Social Distancing Decals

    $316$576 (USD)

    This kit includes the most beautiful nature themed social distancing decals out there!  Install on floor, ceramic tile, carpet or outdoors!

  • Farm Feet Social Distancing Pack

    $290$405 (USD)

    This kit includes the most fun farm school stickers for the floor and wall. Give your young students a way to feel better when they return to school or daycare.

  • Social Distancing Stickers for Schools

    $348$638 (USD)
    Are you struggling to find ways to help our youngest students to cope with the new rules regarding social distancing? This kit includes the most fun school stickers for your floor and wall.   Give your young students a way to feel better when they return to school or daycare.
    SHEET SIZE: 52 inches x 140 inches
    POTENTIAL COVERAGE: 90 – 150 Feet (depends how far you separate each decal)
  • Floor Protractor Door Mat

    $246$462 (USD)

    Watch your kids enjoy learning about angles!

     SIZE:  72 inches x 36 inches

  • WIGGLE WALK Sensory Path

    $246$462 (USD)

    Watch your kids wiggle their way down the path while hopping on numbers, spinning around to reaching for the sky.

    SHEET SIZE:  52 inches x 72 inches
    POTENTIAL COVERAGE:  20 – 40  Feet