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Playground Design for Schools

The Most beautiful, Cost-Effective, Long-lasting Playground Elements in the WORLD are here.

No messy toxic paint or stencils NEEDED.


Easy and quick to install.   All of our sensory paths can be printed on outdoor durable material.  Install easily on AsphaltCementBrick
Most durable outdoor material that can withstand snow, ice, rain, and sun


Inukshuk Playground Hopscotch
Coverage – 4FT x 6 FT
$575 – Ready to Install

Inuktitut hopscotch

Jump and Sea Sensory Path
Coverage – 180 – 200 Feet
$1870 – Ready to Install

playground design

Nature Hop Sensory Path

Coverage – 35 – 80 Feet
$537 – Ready to Install


Alphabet Number Wall Tree
Coverage – 4.5 FT x 6FT
$475 – Ready to Install


Hoppin Fun Sensory Path
Coverage – 20 – 30 Feet
$237 – Ready to Install