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Kinesthetic Kindergarten

Kinesthetic Kindergarten Program

Our Jump2Math program is a huge favourite with all kindergartens! It is designed to encourage active play through games and activities while having fun learning many math concepts.  Giant colourful mats will be rolled out covering your gym floor while your kindies jump, hop, and stretch at each interactive station.

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 Adventure RiverPatterning and Algebra; Geometry and Spatial Sense – Sorting and classifying fish, pebbles, and various objects by colour, and shape – walking and balancing on rainbow river stones – turtle toss
 Fishy Number Line 1 – 10Number Sense and
Numeration; Measurement
 – Make connections to the numbers with concrete materials – counting train up to 10 – bunny hop counting backward out loud
 Butterfly Skip Counting by 3Patterning and Algebra – Hopscotch by the multiples of three – odd-even numbers – clapping, stomping sound patterns to the multiples
 Shapes and LaddersGeometry and Spatial Sense – Life-size game – hopping to the shapes of everyday objects, counting, identifying colour, 2 and 3-dimensional shapes, Ispy search
 Pirate Count-a-LotNumber Sense and
Numeration; Measurement
 – Roll and hop while counting the number of spaces – land on a gold coin to answer the flashcard – addition, subtraction, which is bigger flashcards
 Recycle RoundUP Number Sense and
Numeration and Measurement
 – Counting up and down from a number – Example – collect all numbers greater ? and place in the recycling bin.
 Space Spider Number Sense and
 – math version of Twister, number recognition, colour recognition
 Math N’ Bowl Number Sense and Numeration Subtraction/Addition – Bowling with up to 6 pins
 Hop Around the Clock Patterning and Algebra; Number Sense and
Dance around the clock STOP game – Number recognition – Hop around the clock: Don’t step on the number “3” !
 Giant Hundreds Grid Data Management and
 – Hopping Through the Hundreds Chart – Game – hopping by fives and tens – Leap Frog missing numbers – Begin with 5 and skip count to 20 (e.g., 5, 10, 15 . . .) Hidden Number game.