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Kindergarten Kinesthetic Math Games Ideas Activity Mat

Kindergarten Kinesthetic Math Games Ideas Activity Mat

The Adventure river is always packed (junior grades sneak in too!) at our Family math nights and many kids don’t want to leave this station during our Jump2math Day program.

The kindergarten ideas for games and activities are almost endless with the Adventure mat.   Here are just a few active games for kindergartens we use in our school programs.
You will need some magnetic rods and fish.  Why not make your own fishing game?

The Full-Day Early Learning- Kindergarten Program Suggested Activities


Warm Up:

Let’s go on an adventure!

Pretend to put on boots, sun hats, and sunglasses and play follow the leader around the river and over the bridge. Remind students to stay out of the water. Stop a few times as you walk around to talk about what the students see. Have fun!

Flip the Frog

Ask each student to pick up one frog. Each student should tell everyone their number.

Place the frogs down in order. Ask the students to close their eyes and turn one frog over.  Can they guess which one is hiding?




Oh No! The Bucket is Full!

Materials needed;

Magnetic fishing rods and fish


Index cards with numbers 1-10 (Optional: include dots to help with number recognition)

Goal: to put the correct number of fish in the buckets


Students catch fish and put them in the buckets. Once a bucket is full they must find another bucket.

Optional: the leader can tell the children how to move as they return to fish e.g. hop on one foot, tiptoe, crawl etc.


Find the Fish

Materials needed:

Magnetic fishing rods and assorted coloured fish

20 Index cards with pictures/words for catching fish e.g., bluefish, green fish

Extension: shapes/dots/numbers can be added to the fish

Goal: to catch fish that match the index cards and place fish in the buckets


Students pick an index card from the pile and fish. Once they catch a fish they put it in a bucket and choose a new card.



Goal: Students make patterns using the fish and/or pebbles.

Demonstrate one or two simple patterns e.g., bluefish, red fish, blue fish, redfish. Ask the students what fish comes next in the pattern.

Let the children create patterns.


You can find our Kindergarten Kinesthetic Math Games Ideas Activity Mat in our math shop!