Trousse décalcomanies sensorielles CRÉATIONS DE CRAYONS

$122 (USD)

Créez un corridor sensoriel avec l’ensemble de démarrages.  Idéal pour tous les enfants qui ont besoin de bouger pendant la journée!

ÉCOLE – 3′ x 6′




Expérience éducative

Sensory Floor Decal Set

Can you imagine your school hallway or an activity room filled with these colorful shapes and letters?  Creating active learning spaces are beneficial for all students, especially students with special needs.
We create engaging kinesthetic games for kids Kindergarten to grade 6.  Get creating with our Sensory Floor Decal Set!

Just peel create your obstacle in your school hallway, library, gym, activity room, classroom or anywhere there is a smooth surface.   We print and ship from Toronto and many US States.  

This set comes with:

  • 6 Shapes
  • 12 Arrows
  • 26 Letters
  • 9 Markers



Floor decals
  1. Thoroughly clean the floor area chosen for the floor decals
  2. Use sharp scissors for cutting out each of the decals
  3. Place the decals on the floor and create the entire layout
  4. Starting at one end of the decal ensuring air bubbles are not trapped,  peel the backing of the decals and slowly press onto the floor.
  5. Use a soft cloth or any nonmarring/scratching material to smooth out any wrinkles.
  6. These decals are removable and reusable so you can create a new layout or move to another location.