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Parent Engagement in Ontario Schools – Parental involvement is key to math success

Parents are a positive force in helping their children learn math.

Key Points to Parent Engagement in math

    1. Discuss math class at home and encourage your child to talk about the math concepts that he/she is learning.
    2. Don’t ask “How was math today?”.  Instead, ask them to tell you about one thing they learned in math class today.  Be excited to learn more!
    3. Always talk positively about math even though you might not have had a positive experience when you were in school.
    4. Always reward their effort in math rather than focus on their grade.
    5. Play math games!  We have created home sized math games to learn math concepts while having fun.  These games are often played with the whole family!
    6. Read books together that incorporate math.
    7. Participate in a highly engaging Jump2math Family Math Night at your school.

We have 3 different ways to engage parents and your community with Jump2math.
We have created Pro grant templates below for Ontario schools:

Jump2math Parent Math Night Program visit to your school

Hosting Your Own Parent Math Night Program.

Parent Math Lending Library